Chris Cox has been highly motivated when it comes to living his dreams in the cannabis industry.  Roughly a decade ago after struggling to make ends meet walking the line, he jumped ship full time into the cannabis industry to pursue his goal as an industry professional.  Relocating to Arizona he forged a path of success through the state.  Acting as the Cultivation Manager at The Medicine Room in Winslow, AZ he orchestrated the development of a growing program that was featured twice in High Times the first year of operations, designed an extraction facility that made oils for his award winning edible company Transcendental Mints, as well as providing extraction products to various dispensaries.  From here Chris caught the attention of project developers in Oregon, who moved him out to the Pacific Northwest to assist in getting their facilities operational.  One day he was driving down the highway and saw a ‘free kitty’ sign.  He stopped in to get a free kitty and left having met his new landlord for the Mystic Roots dispensary.  “Life works in funny ways.  Be sure to live your dream and the rest will follow.”
Ariana Kruz  After learning about, and realizing for herself the beneficial effects of cannabinoid medicine, Ariana created Lifted Lotus products in the spring of 2015.  If there's anyone who pays attention to detail when it comes to what ingredients will be put into her products it's Ariana.  As a follower of the principles of Ayurvedic medicine, she sources only the best organic ingredients.  Time and time again clients return for the  effectiveness of her products.  Ariana was pivotal in the development of the Mystic Roots dispensary and farm, and today has carved out a nice life for herself traveling the southwest during Oregon winters and returning for the grow season to cultivate plants to produce the best oils possible for infusion into Lifted Lotus products.

Bucket Hailing from Needles, California, Bucket and Chris met at the Needles Animal Shelter in 2012.  They have been mostly inseparable since, traveling from California to Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Texas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Kansas, South Dakota, and Wyoming together in search of a good river to fish and swim at, and meeting friends in the cannabis industry along the way.  His favorite past times are rolling in the snow and strolling the woods.

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