Space Candy *DEM Pure* Hemp Flower

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It’s exactly what we have been waiting for.  Bright green top shelf organic hemp flower.  This version of Space Candy from Oregon CBD was cultivated using all organic practices in Eugene, OR. 

These flowers have been hand trimmed by dedicated gardeners for top quality appearance and ease of use.

CBD : 15%

THC : <.3%

Ingredients:  Organic Hemp Flower All products contain less than 0.3% THC

Dragonfly Earth Medicine (D.E.M.) Pure: This flower was grown following the standards and protocols of the D.E.M. Pure organic certification program.


Taste Profile:  Sour Space Candy is very floral and very sour.  This pungent strain is sure to open up the senses and get you feeling a nit lighter on your feet.

No Spray Farming:

Our flowers are grown in a specific environment that focuses on all organic, no spray farming.  No Spray means that there is nothing, absolutely nothing ever sprayed on our flowers during development.


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  • 5
    The nose

    Posted by Lito on Nov 8th 2021

    These buds are beautiful. The nose on this is

  • 5
    Fresh space burst!

    Posted by Rolland on Apr 5th 2021

    This hemp is wonderfully candied and relaxing. I have tried sour space candy in the past &amp; this strain exceeded my expectations. Quality nugs, will be adding this to my top shelf for relaxation.

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    First time trying CBD flower......amazing

    Posted by John on Jan 30th 2021

    This was my first time trying CBD flower. I started to slowly stop liking getting high off THC in traditional marijuana so I decided to try this.....let me tell you it&#039;s amazing. Great relaxation and even gives me a kind of body high but no negative head high or any anxious feelings from THC bud. Haven&#039;t had any urge to smoke THC bud and so happy I found this company. Great products!!!

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    Sour Space Candy

    Posted by Sam on Jan 26th 2021

    Relaxing feeling, felt slight burst of energy. A hybrid for sure.

  • 5
    Space Candy *DEM. FLOWER

    Posted by John Raney on Jan 16th 2021

    Great product! Excellent Price and unbelievably fast shipping! Have been and will continue to purchase from Mystic Roots. They set the bar high!

  • 5
    Another improvement over last year...

    Posted by Monty W on Aug 7th 2020

    ...which is by no means suggesting last year&#039;s wasn&#039;t excellent (it was), but this batch is even better. Great taste, scent, upbeat, &amp; buzzy. Mystic Roots consistently provides value &amp; potency. Big win here.

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    Space candy

    Posted by Corina on Jul 16th 2020

    The stuff is amazing I just love it I&#039;m new to this site and I&#039;m so glad I have found it I&#039;ve referred many people onto this site who feel like it&#039;s amazing as well

  • 5
    Something is different about the flavor

    Posted by Malachi A on Jul 8th 2020

    It must be the soil or their curing process. This flower doesnt taste like hay. It tastes like true hemp under the terpenes.

  • 5
    Nice quality

    Posted by Daniel Smith on Jul 5th 2020

    I love this stuff. It&#039;s got a great smell, good consistency and potent effects. 40$ for an ounce is a steal