2019 Northern Suver Haze small buds and shake

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This top shelf strain of Suver Haze was grown using all organic practices on a small family farm in Eugene, OR.  Utilizing straw mulch and the practice of hand pruning, these full flavored thick flowers are sure to be a favorite for many this year.  Sporting a robust aroma and phenomenol taste, Suver Haze is one of our favorite strains.

These small buds an shake are best for vaping, pre-rolls, and making top shelf CBD extracts and products

CBD: 16.9%

THC: <.3%

Ingredients:  Organic Hemp Flower All products contain less than 0.3% THC


No Spray Farming:

Our flowers are grown in a specific environment that focuses on all organic, no spray farming.  No Spray means that there is nothing, absolutely nothing ever sprayed on our flowers during development.