Hawaiian Haze *DEM Pure* Hemp Flower

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This strain of Hawaiian hemp flower from Oregon CBD was grown using all organic practices in Eugene, OR.  This flower is cultivated with care on a small family farm utilizing such methods as straw mulch and hand pruning to produce fuller bigger flowers.

These top shelf flowers are great for vaping, making pre-rolls, and creating high quality extracts and CBD products.  

CBD: 15.1%

Delta 9 THC: <.3%

Ingredients:  Organic Hemp Flower All products contain less than 0.3% THC

Dragonfly Earth Medicine (D.E.M.) Pure: This flower was grown following the standards and protocols of the D.E.M. Pure organic certification program.


Taste Profile: Hawaiian Haze is the sweetest tasting of our collection and for many the best tasting and most uplifting

No Spray Farming:

Our flowers are grown in a specific environment that focuses on all organic, no spray farming.  No Spray means that there is nothing, absolutely nothing ever sprayed on our flowers during development.

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    Hawaiian Haze

    Posted by CJJ on Nov 19th 2021

    So the trim isn&#039;t great and the buds aren&#039;t the densest I&#039;ve had with a HH strain but that&#039;s where the niggles stop. Tastes, smell and effect are top shelf. Offering this at an affordable price is icing on the cake. Definitely some magic going on with Mystic Roots Hemp. Well done!

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    Flowers are

    Posted by Lito on Nov 8th 2021

    Can&#039;t complain Mystic roots has good haze and the price beating any company right now

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    Tasty and helps me relax

    Posted by Marsha on May 6th 2021

    I recently began purchasing hemp to reduce my THC intake and lower my tolerance while still enjoying the process of having a smoke. I vape my flower, and I love Hawaiian Haze for this purpose. It has a pineapple-y after taste, and a few tokes over the evening helps me sleep while I take a break from THC. I recommend this product for those looking for a tasty way to relax.

  • 5

    Posted by Mark C on Jan 9th 2021

    Wow! Love this Hawaiian HAZE DEM flower! Amazing effects of relaxation and stress relief! Burns smoothly! Love the taste! Highly Recommended!

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    Clear Head, Relaxed

    Posted by Monty W on Aug 7th 2020

    As stated, this strain&#039;s effects promote relaxation &amp; mental clarity in my experience. It&#039;s got a fruitiness to the scent &amp; flavor. I like Hawaiian Haze during the day, before work or a project. Mystic Roots does HH right. Very enjoyable.

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    Top Shelf Deal

    Posted by Rick on Apr 28th 2020

    Great flower couldn&#039;t say enough good things about this product well done thanks for the great deal!

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    Hawaiian haze

    Posted by Luke on Mar 19th 2020

    Very floral sweet smell. Trim is ok. First hits are suprising tasty. Got some old school terps in there. reminds me of the good old days. Nice job

  • 5
    Sweet and Savory

    Posted by Nick on Mar 13th 2020

    The Hawaiian Haze is one of my favorite strains from Mystic Roots very skunky and sweet

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    Top Shelf

    Posted by Kelly on Mar 13th 2020

    I love DEM products and am happy to support they’re cause and these flowers are tight!