2019 Cherry Picker trimmed flower (DEM Pure)

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This is the flagship year for the Cherry Picker! Developed at our organic farm this first year cultivar is certain to be popular! 

This flower is grown using all organic practices in Eugene, OR.  The farmer does not spray, uses organic methods such as straw mulch and hand prunes each plant to bring out the best, most robust flowers.

CBD: 17.1%


Ingredients:  Organic Hemp Flower All products contain less than 0.3% THC

Dragonfly Earth Medicine (D.E.M.) Pure: This flower was grown following the standards and protocols of the D.E.M. Pure organic certification program.




No Spray Farming:

Our flowers are grown in a specific environment that focuses on all organic, no spray farming.  No Spray means that there is nothing, absolutely nothing ever sprayed on our flowers during development.

No refunds if heat seal broken